Letting GO: Out with the Old and In With the New

Letting GO: Out with the Old and In With the NewBy Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC

As we wind down these final weeks of the year, it’s time to take stock and reflect on how this year went – what got done, what is left, and what is next over the course of the New Year. As part of this assessment, it’s important to really look at areas, activities, people, etc. that no longer serve you and let them go. You can’t welcome in the new if you’re hanging onto the old.

But how do you it’s time to move on, put it aside to come back to it later, or to keep forging on? Well, I think it starts with looking at your ‘To Do’ list and see what’s on there: if something has been there for weeks or months (years?) with no action or completion, then it might be time to let it go. If a task or goal gets worked on now and then, it might be time to let it go. And even if something has been working well, it still might be time to let it go in order to freshen it up or make room for the new.

Here are some steps to help you decide:

1. Take Inventory.

As I said earlier, one way is to take inventory of all the goals or desires you have had on your list; how many have been there for six months or more? How compelling are these to achieve in your lifetime? If you identify any that don’t excite you or won’t fit into your timeline, then delete it. Those that remain get scheduled for completion; this is ‘do or die’ time.

2. Make it Manageable.

If you are undecided or inconsistent about certain goals or tasks, such as exercising or social media for your business, see if you can rewrite the goal to be more manageable – the Kaizen way – so you can start slow but finish strong.

3. Is There Still Passion?

Assess those goals or tasks that have been working well to determine if you are giving them your all or just cruising along; do you still feel excited or do you feel ‘ho hum?’ is the time spent in these activities well-spent or are there others you feel compelled to pursue? What is your ‘gut’ telling you about them?

I think we need to clean house with our ‘to lists’ just as we do with our offices or homes; I’ve been working on both and it’s not as hard as we tend to believe. Being more organized will help you to feel calmer and in control so I encourage you to make the time to give yourself this ‘gift’ and start off 2015 in a more powerful way. As clichéd as it sounds, it’s time to “Let it Go” and “Shake it off” – Happy Holidays and much success in the New Year!

Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC is the President of Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting in Orlando, Florida. She helps individuals to take charge of their careers, find the work they love and enhance their professional development to reach their peak performance. She works with small business owners & solopreneurs who want to achieve measurable and life-long improvements in their performance so they can make more money, have greater satisfaction and achieve personal and professional success. She also coaches in organizations to enhance employee engagement and for leadership development. Dr. Seifert is an adjunct professor, a certified professional coach, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and a Certified Law of Attraction coach. She is a coauthor of the book, Contagious Optimism and a Premier Career and Business Coach for the Association of Talent Development. You can learn more by visiting www.cyscoaching.com and Your Career Success Blog at www.allaboutcareerssite.com, which was named one of the Top 100 Life Coaching Blogs to Follow in both 2013 and 2014.

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