Make 2013 the Year You Change Your World

Change Your WorldBy Amy Kinnaird

This is the year everything changes for me. It starts every morning when I get up. I’m not as distracted by the computer and TV, and I’m getting all those things done that I wished I had been getting done before. Somewhere along the line during the holidays I listened to several podcasts and recordings from different successful entrepreneurs. They all were talking about making little changes to get big results. They all apparently do the same thing: write down their goals every day.

Guess who’s been doing that for about 2 months now?

Another enlightening podcast talked about morning routines. My morning routine used to have 4 things on it: brush teeth, wash hands and face, make the bed, and go to the kitchen! There was no structure to what time I got up, and when I did my quiet time, or exercised, or ate…(are you beginning to see why I was attracted to a morning routine?)

When I realized that the other things I wanted to do each day weren’t happening, and I wasn’t reaching my goals, I knew that I had to make some BIG changes. The line was drawn in the sand and the decision was made to make the changes. Something must have clicked with me, because now my routine has several additional very important things on it that happen every single day with precision.

Here is what I put into action.

1. Get up earlier.

I must admit, this is a tad troublesome since I like to stay up late. But, I am learning to get out of bed instead of just watching TV before jumping up. The very successful all seem to wake up at the very dark hour of 5am, but I’m just not quite ready for that. 6:15 is good enough for me for now or 6:30 more likely.

2. Shuffle out to the kitchen and do my Bible study.

This takes about 30 minutes, followed by breakfast while I do some additional inspirational reading. Before, I never seemed to get all of this done. Now, it’s every day.

3. Write down my 10 goals.

Brian Tracy has some fantastic things to say about this, (really – check out any of his books from the library) and I am starting to see the results. I keep a small notebook on my desk and each day I turn to a new page, write the date, and write down 10 goals in the present tense as if I have already achieved them. I am “not allowed” to look back at previous pages. Example: I have a personal trainer 1/week, or I have over 2000 email contacts on my list.

Because I write down these 10 goals each day, they are always top of mind, and my mind is busy looking for ways to bring them to fruition. They aren’t always the same 10, but I’ve got about 20 that are getting rotated through, based on what comes to mind first as being important. Some are business goals and some are personal or family goals. And they are starting to happen!

4. Double check my schedule.

Make sure that my top 5 most important things are written down and scheduled in the calendar.

5. Shower and get ready for the day.

6. Then, and only then, scan through my email and spend 5 minutes on Facebook.

7. Start working on the most important things I have to get done that day.

(Actually, the email and Facebook should wait until after I start the most important things, but I haven’t quite made myself do that yet.) By working on the most important 5 things every day before doing anything else, I will make significant strides in my business. We waste a lot of time without realizing it, and I have to set a timer to keep myself on track for those days when I am a little distracted, or for when I am so focused that I forget to get up and stretch!

In the last six weeks I have had more amazing opportunities open up for me than I have had in the last couple of years combined. This year is poised to be my best by far. The credit is due to a combination of prayers, focus, a plan, and my goals being top of mind. I’m working smart and that sometimes means working when I would rather get up and do something else. What felt awkward and hard at first is now so much of a routine, that I feel awkward when I don’t do it in the same order or first thing in the morning.

Sure, I have days when that 8am meeting gets in the middle of my routine. I could get up earlier, or get back to the rest of the routine later in the day. The sense of closure or completeness feels fantastic.

Give it a try! And leave me a comment if you are doing something in the morning that is helping you. I’d love to hear about it. Maybe I need to do it, too!

Amy Kinnaird has over three decades of experience in Marketing with half of that time spent working from her home office.  While working at IBM for 15 years, Amy discovered a techie inside herself, a trait she continues to use and cultivate in her own business – UnCommon Sense Marketing.  Amy is a Social Media Evangelist, a Marketing Consultant, and a popular speaker based out of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Clients find that Amy makes the technical world simple to understand and can find her where Southern Hospitality meets the World of IT, and at just about every local networking event in between! For more information on Amy, visit

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