Make Money at Home by Completing Short Tasks

Make Money at Home by Completing Short TasksBy Alicia Lawrence

Working from home as a mom can be a challenge. Sure, there are lots of opportunities out there for home workers these days, but when you have children at home, you can’t be tethered to your phone or chained to your desk for hours at a time. You need to be able to get up to wipe spills, kiss boo-boos, play with your children, teach your children and cook and clean the house, among other things.

That means you need to be able to log in and work whenever it’s convenient for you, not when it’s convenient for the company. Several work-at-home opportunities afford you that kind of freedom.

Here are three ways you can make money at home by completing short tasks and working whenever you want.


mTurk workers, known as Turkers, get paid to complete a wide variety of tasks. These include data entry, writing, search engine evaluation, surveys and more. These small tasks are called HITs, which stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. Pay rate ranges from a penny to several dollars, depending on the complexity of the task and your qualifications.

Some HITs require special qualifications in the form of tests or exercises before you can be approved to work on them. Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of tasks available that don’t require qualification. When your account reaches more than $1, you can request a payoff via transfer to your bank account or via an Amazon account balance that you can use to buy any products listed on their site.


Clickworker is another crowd-sourcing platform with microtasks to be completed by their contractors. Like mTurk, the tasks are varied and include SEO tasks, data entry, surveys, image captioning and so on. Some tasks require qualification via a short assessment. Tasks require approval from the requestor before the payments show up in your account. No matter what your balance is, it is paid weekly via PayPal or into your bank account.


If you don’t mind listening to short phone calls, Humanatic is a nice egg to add to your basket of earning opportunities. You simply log in and listen to calls through your computer. The calls get tagged and sorted based on the information you provide. Businesses use this service to sort the leads and sales calls so they know which calls aren’t as important to follow up on.

Pay varies, but listening to inbound calls pays 1.6 cents and listening to outbound calls currently pays 0.7 cents. Pay rates may be higher for other projects. The phone calls are typically less than a minute long, and you simply have to listen to see if the customer left a message or was connected to the intended party. Payment is made via PayPal or check.

If you’ve found that other work-at-home opportunities require too much of a time commitment, these three microwork sites might be perfect for you.

Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for a tech company. In her free time, she is a freelance writer for an addiction treatment program and writes on her blog MarCom Land.

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