Match Made In Heaven: 6 Dream Work-From-Home Jobs

Dream Work at Home JobsBy Estelle Page

Nowadays it’s increasingly difficult to find a job, let alone one that will let you work from the comfort of your own home.  Every now and again, there’s that lucky and rare opportunity that lets you earn a wage and do it all surrounded by your familiar creature comforts.

A quick perusal of job sites and newspapers reveals many opportunities to work from home (data entry, filling envelopes etc.) but you have to be careful of the scams. Plus, even the legitimate ones aren’t always the most exciting or fulfilling roles to make a career out of, and who says work-from-home women can’t have job satisfaction too?

Thankfully, many employers in today’s marketplace are finally clocking onto the fact that working from home rather than the office is an agreeable and flexible arrangement for many staff, particularly those who have to travel a great distance to get to work.

For the employee, it’s a way to maintain a good work/life balance while also, to some extent, being your own boss. If you like the sound of this but are unsure where to start, here are my six recommendations for home-based jobs you may be interested in trying your hand at…


Writing by its very nature requires a certain amount of isolation and solitude anyway, so freelance writing, editing, proof-reading and blogging are all ideal vocations when it comes to working from home.  Plus, with print journalism becoming replaced more and more by its online counterparts, earning a living this way is an increasingly viable option for the modern writer and journalist.


You’ll need to speak a second language (the most popular at the moment being Chinese and Japanese), but if you do then capitalise on this skill by finding one of the firms hiring home-based translators for business documents, websites, computer software and academic papers.

Customer Service Representative:

Traditionally, big companies employed an army of staff to take calls in their call centers. An increasing trend, however, is for customer service calls to be routed to home-based agents who answer questions, fill out forms and log complaints. A background in customer service usually helps but the hours are super flexible and all you need is a computer, phone and great phone manner.

Tech Support:

Like web designing, this is a job very much in demand and offers a good salary, and you can work either directly with the company or as a third party. It’s a natural work-from-home option as techies are usually the first point of contact for customers trying to troubleshoot a problem with, for example, a laptop or stereo. Again, you’ll just need to be available at the other end of the phone-line to diagnose their problem and offer a solution.


As long as you’ve got a degree and a laptop you’re already well on the tutorial road. Online teaching courses are very popular for those who try to fit studying around other commitments, and online forums and classrooms allow teachers and students to chat, help each other out, and assist with homework. If you don’t have a degree but have a particular skill (such as speaking a language or playing an instrument) you can still offer lessons in your home to local students.

Web Designer:

Unsurprisingly, in today’s increasingly tech-savvy world, this is a job in high demand! There’s plenty of scope in the cyber field too, whether you’re a web designer, a virtual assistant, dealing with code updates, or into hosting or usability. No idea about design? Become a usability tester instead! These people get paid to browse and use company websites and give their feedback on how user-friendly they think it is.

What other jobs do you think are well suited to working from home?

Estelle Page is a thirty-something mother of two, self-employed as a freelance interior designer and working from home in her rare free moments as a blogger for sites such as LumaLighting.

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