Must Have Social Networking Tools to Help You Find Work Opportunities

Must Have Social Networking Tools to Help You Find Work OpportunitiesBy Ben Skinner

Finding new work opportunities can be quite a frustrating and time consuming task. Especially after you feel that you have exhausted your potential and current list of contacts. There comes a time when you will need to dig out some fresh opportunities.

This post will cover a few tools of the trade to help you discover these opportunities, as well as make your life easier.

Search Engines:

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the ones most of you will be familiar with. Sometimes going on a search engine can be frustrating with its entire commercial endeavor, finding what you want under a whole heap of junk. There are a few ways you can search better, which include the following:

  • “Hiring” + your keyword
  • “Seeking” + your keyword
  • “Career” + your keyword
  • “Work for us” + your keyword

Other commands and queries you can use to find people are: your keyword/person you wish to contact inurl:example.

There are tons of these commands and ways to use the search engines, which are easy to find. So have a look around and get using them more efficiently.

Google Trends:

This is a great tool for visualizations and tells you what’s trending. Simply type in your search term, and Google will show you the search interest over time. With relevant peaks having news articles, this can give you a quick view and visualization for your given search.


This micro-blogging and social networking service can and should be used to your advantage. Job opportunities can be found by searching the #hastags to see who and what people are talking about. Check profiles to see who is following a company or individual in your given niche. You can click on people’s full profile their website, if so, more opportunities. Make sure to check out these 50 Hot Twitter Hashtags for Job Seekers


This search engine is aggregated of sites which are Spam free – human curated and sourced based, not link based. This search engine has lots of tutorials on how to use this search engine on their blog, so if you want to switch it up a bit, try this.


Topsy has a decent range of analytics. When searching, you can see influential tweeters, links, photos, and videos on your search term. You can compare different events to see who’s been talking about what, and what is more popular in the Twitter sphere.


Great tool for Twitter analysis, which shows user influence, bio search, you can compare users and more.


With Pinterest having an 80% user profile of women, gaining a good influence in this niche will go down well with readers on The Work at Home Woman. Pinalytics is an analytics site which can let you see influential boards and users on Pinterest. With this you can cross collaborate with other social media profiles to see what people share.


This cool tool creates a mind map of sites and tweets for your given vertical or search term. This tool is great for digging out new job opportunities, as well as giving you some visual inspiration.

TwitJob Search:

This tool allows you to create an online profile, where you can link to your LinkedIn profile. From there, search for job leads using keywords, then narrow your search by location.  With this tool you can even have new job leads based on your keywords and location sent to your RSS feeder.

That about sums up a list of tools which should help you go about networking and finding new work opportunities. Do you have any tools or tips which you use which we haven’t mentioned? Get some comments going below.

This post was written on behalf of Ben Skinner, Marketing Director for MyOffers Competitions Online. Visit to enter free competitions online.

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