Pinterest is Perfect For Direct Sales Consultants

Pinterest is Perfect For Direct Sales Consultants By Deb Bixler

Pinterest means Pin things of Interest on your bulletin boards.

Pinterest is fun and profitable!

After only a couple of pin boards and a few pins I quickly saw people coming to my websites from Pinterest.

After just over a year it is the top social referrer to my website, even beating out Facebook!

Pinterest Perfect For Direct Sales Business Consultants:

As a newbie to Pinterest, I recommend that you follow the action pretty closely. Subscribe to the updates so that they send you an email at every turn.

You will quickly find out which pins are getting repinned very quickly!

Direct sales is about adding value and service to customers along with good looking products.

Pinterest is perfect for direct sales business consultants. The visual aspect of the products is really something that will share well.

Getting Started With Pinterest:

I am sure that you may be hesitant to get started with Pinterest as you most likely feel as though you already spend enough time socializing online …

Start slowly with two Pin Boards and then watch the action before adding more.

My first two boards were:

  • Foods I Have Created: Every pin I put on the food board linked to the recipes for them that were posted on my healthy food website.
  • Direct Sales Companies: Every pin I put on the direct sales board linked to a consultant or company’s direct sales business website.

Within 24 hours I saw my recipes and direct sales pins getting re-pinned and shared. Then the analytics started showing visitors coming to my websites from Pinterest!

That was all it took …

Pinterest is For Beautiful Things:

The Pinterest about statement says that Pinterest is for beautiful things and that is one of the reasons direct sales consultants should consider joining.

The Pin-Etiquette states that you should avoid self-promotion. As you may notice in my above Pin Boards, I am not self-promoting but supporting the direct sales industry and also creating interest (Pinterest) in my sites as well.

Direct sales consultants could make a pin board about the value their products provide. Don’t make a Pin Board called “these are my products.”

Think about how you educate and change lives. Like a blog topic or the tips you give at your home party, just think about what gives value to your customers and that would be a pin board.

  • Interior Decorating Tips
  • Fashion Jewelry Mix and Match
  • Recipes

The Pinterest lists are endless and some people are REALLY into it. Just check out some of their Pin Boards!

How To Join Pinterest For Business:

Remember that if you are joining Pinterest for business purposes it is not an advertising billboard, but an artistic expression.

Like all social sites, don’t be a heavy marketer!

Just add value to the marketplace and your followers will come!

Deb Bixler is the party plan guru and host of the – Visit her on Pinterest:

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