Postion Yourself to Be Profitable, Not Popluar in Business


Subscribing to Success Magazine has been on my to-do list for quite some time now, but I still haven’t gotten around to it. As such, I’ve been listening to the same CD (a bonus included with each issue) over and over again.

One of the interviews is with Dr. Nido Qubein, President of High Point University. He talks about how he applied his business acumen to higher education and turned the institution around. He increased enrollment and managed to raise millions of dollars during an economic downturn.

At the end of the interview, Darren Hardy, Founding Editor of Success, asked Dr. Qubein what advice he had to offer entrepreneurs. Dr. Qubein’s response was this:

Position yourself in a way that people will want to do business with you.

He then gave three positioning questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves:

  1. Why should someone want to do business with me?
  2. How easily can someone else imitate what I do?
  3. If someone were in the market to buy what I’m selling, would they think of me first?

In the age of social media and online marketing, entrepreneurs – particularly women – have not bothered to answer these crucial questions. Positioning is being defined the wrong way. Popularity is being mistaken for positioning and influence.

  1. How many fans, followers, RTs, repins, and YouTube views do I have?
  2. How many A-List marketers can I align myself with?
  3. What info product can I buy that guarantees a shortcut to success?

If you’re serious about growing your business and creating a legacy that lives long after you’ve left this place, I suggest you follow Dr. Qubein’s advice and get back to the basics. Start doing business the old fashioned way – by answering the three simple questions above and by establishing your own credibility as a trusted business woman and leader.

Take a look at what you have to offer and how it’s being marketed. If you can’t substantiate using facts, not feelings, why someone should fork over their hard-earned money for the product or service you’re selling, you’ve failed to position yourself in your industry.

If you believe that just because you have a blog and killer SEO you’re on the road to becoming a top-earning pioneer in your field, you’re in denial.

It takes strategy, smart investments, and holding yourself accountable to answer the tough questions in order to make it in the ever changing landscape of small business.

Donna L. Johnson, is The Unemployed Entrepreneur® and has been blogging for The Work at Home Woman since January 2010. Summary of professional experience: 15 jobs by the age of 22. Her written word hustle is a mix of business street smarts, lifestyle, and controversy. She takes a stand on things she’s passionate about without being afraid of backlash. When Donna isn’t writing, speaking, and reading, she visualizes being on the set of her dream job as a TV talk show host. She blogs about her latest steals and deals at

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