Quick Cleaning Tips to Enhance Your Efficiency

Quick Cleaning Tips to Enhance your EfficiencyBy Rheney Williams

I’ll admit it: Hello. My name is Rheney and I’m a cleanaholic. Well, maybe not a cleanaholic so much as someone who just loves a clean environment. Seriously, there’s just something about a dust and film-free work surface that makes me happy.

And since I’m a work-at-home woman, having a neat, orderly and efficient home office space is important for me to have a productive day. But the other side of the coin is just that: I’m a work-at-home woman who can’t spend all of her time cleaning because I have to actually work!

I’m sure many of you feel the same way; you want a clean office, but finding the time to get it into ship-shape seems elusive, if not impossible. I’m here to tell you today that it can be done. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. And if you’re looking for or have already found a way to work from home, you’re no stranger to the concept of working smarter!

With that, I’d like to share some of my time shaving and time saving tips for maximizing your work-at-home productivity by keeping your work station straight using an unexpected assistant: Your vacuum cleaner.

Take it From the Top:

I always start getting my place in order by vacuuming all of the exposed surfaces in the room. Yes, you can “dust” with a handheld duster (like one made out of cloth or feathers) but all you’re doing is moving the dust around. To truly get rid of it, you need to vacuum it or wipe all of your surfaces with something wet to ensure the dust adheres. But since this is about speed, I always opt for the vacuum.

Connect the extension hose and brush attachment and nothing is off limits:

  • Start with the ceiling fan blades. Even if you vacuum everything below, the minute you turn on the fan, it will blow the dust right back down so vacuum the tops and edges of the blades (while the fan isn’t running, of course). If you do this about once or twice a month, you should be in good shape.
  • After you address the ceiling fan, start vacuuming the other “tops” in the room like your desktop. Gather together all of your scattered papers, files and books and stack them together off to one side while you vacuum your desk. This is especially helpful if you have an ornate wood desk with lots of grooves and crannies because the sucking power of the vacuum can get into those nooks better than anything else.
  • Speaking of nooks and crannies, if you use a desk phone, run the brush over the numbers and don’t ignore your desktop keyboard. You’d be amazed at how many crumbs and such will fall between the buttons and keys during the day but one quick pass with the vacuum will virtually eliminate them.
  • If you use a laptop, one quick tip for a faster processor that doesn’t overheat as quickly is to turn off the laptop, place the vacuum up to the side fan and suck out the dust. You should notice an immediate improvement in the computer’s performance and you can also extend the life of the computer over the long term by addressing simple maintenance issues like this a couple of times a month.

The Softer Side:

One of my favorite parts of working at home is the ability to adorn my office with soft surfaces and accents. My floor is carpet and I’ve included a bright area rug underneath my roll chair that also happens to be decked out with comfy cushions (one for the seat and one for the back).

Be sure to vacuum these surfaces at least once a week, maybe even twice, depending on how much time you spend in the office. Move the chair out from under the desk (don’t ascribe to my husband’s method of vacuuming where he gets as close as possible without having to actually scoot anything aside …), gather up the wires and pick up the surge protector before vacuuming the floor and putting everything back down in order.

If you have curtains or drapes in the room, don’t forget about these, either! And by making sure to remove the dust from your decorative accents like window treatments and seat cushions, you will find that the air quality of the entire office is improved. And when you can breathe better, you think better.

Finally, if you worked in a professional office, you either had the luxury of an overnight cleaning crew that put your place in order every night or you made sure to straighten up before you left each day. Unless you have your own pack of magical office elves that will clean your space while you sleep, take five minutes at the end of each day to straighten up before you leave the room to join the rest of your family. You will definitely appreciate a clean office first thing in the morning and it helps to set the productive tone of your entire day.

What are some of your time-saving cleaning secrets that you’ve picked up over the course of working at home?

Rheney Williams writes about DIY home décor and cleaning tips for Home Depot. Rheney provides advice on money-saving projects for appliances, including vacuum cleaners. Home Depot’s selection of vacuum cleaners can be found on its website.

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