Script Your Voicemail Message For More Call Backs!

Script Your Voicemail Message For More Call BacksBy Deb Bixler

Leaving a voicemail for a prospective customer and waiting for a callback is not the best recipe for direct sales success.

However, there are times, even in a cold calling scenario, when you will need to leave a voicemail for someone.

Having a few prepared voicemail scripts for those times when you need to leave a message will increase the possibility that the prospect will surprise you and call you back.

There are a few things you can do to create voicemail scripts that work.

Having prepared scripts at your disposal when making calls will increase your chances for success. Knowing what to say, and what not to say, in those prepared scripts will also boost your chances for callbacks.

1. Know The Reason For Your Call.

Sounds simple, but some people forget this fundamental part of the message. You have to leave a clear message with the reason for your call so the person receiving the message will be compelled to return the call.

2. Know What You Are Seeking.

Is a callback the main outcome you seek? Perhaps you merely want to relay some information or remind them of a specific date. State the desired outcome clearly in the message.

3. Get Their Attention First.

You do need to leave your name, but it does not have be the first thing that you say. Most people are preoccupied with other things when they are listening to messages. You need to cut through those distractions and capture the prospect’s attention.  Grab their attention first and then leave your name and number twice – once after about 8-10 seconds and again at the end.

4. Reference Someone They Know.

If there is a referral involved in the connection between you and the prospect, reference their name at the beginning of the call. Referencing a referral provides the prospect with a sense of familiarity.

5. Leave A Compliment On The Message.

If you can say something good about the prospect or the prospect’s company, say it early in the message. Don’t make anything up, but if you know something complimentary about the person you are calling, leave it on the message.

6. Don’t Make Incredible Promises.

Though you are making a sales call, it is not productive to leave a message filled with hype and hyperbole. Simple information about what you have to offer is good – flowery and exaggerated words about you or your product work against you.

7. A Little Flair Goes A Long Way.

Though you want to stay away from incredible promises and hyperbole, using a touch of dramatic flair is good. Songs, sound effects, and impersonations can be effective when used in small doses. Creating a funny scenario that may make your prospect laugh is great way to break the ice of a cold call and motivate the prospect to return your call.

It is never easy to get a prospect to return a cold call.

However, if you want to motivate prospects to listen to your entire message and then pick up the phone to call you back, following these seven tips while creating a few prepared voicemail scripts will certainly help.

Deb Bixler is a party plan trainer who teaches proven systems that work in all home businesses. Visit the Create A Cash Flow Show website and read a related article on establishing voicemail messages that will give you a call back.

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