Simple Tips on Time Management For Mompreneurs To Achieve Success

Simple Tips on Time Management for MompreneursBy Jeanmarie Bills and Elena J Forbes

One of the most common questions we get asked as female entrepreneur coaches is, “How do I fit it all in?”

As busy moms, there are always tons of things on our “to do” list. In fact, one of the most difficult challenges we faced as we went from corporate jobs to becoming mompreneurs was figuring out our time management.

The truth is it starts with perception. In the corporate world we were paid for our time, but in our entrepreneur world we are paid for productivity. This is a huge mind-shift.

The reality for all of us mompreneurs is that our daily productivity determines our success. The sooner we learn to use our time well, the sooner we achieve success.

For us, and for most female entrepreneurs, our biggest reasons for becoming mompreneurs is to be able to spend time with the people we love, so time management really is huge.

So what do you spend your time doing?

Tip: Determine how you spend your time. Take a few minutes for 3 days to jot down how much time you spend on different activities. For many of our clients this is a huge “eye opening” experience.

Tip: Evaluate what you wrote. Where are you spending your time and is it an efficient use of your day? Take note of where you lose time, get distracted and want to improve. Here are some of the things we have found in our coaching practice.

Mompreneurs tend to:

  • Multitask.
  • Lose track of time on the computer with social media or games.
  • Are constantly being distracted and interrupted.

These are all huge time wasters.

Ask yourself: Are there things taking your time that you are willing to give up today to build a better future for yourself and your family? TV is a good example of this.

Some simple fixes:

  1. Multitasking has been shown time and time again to be inefficient. Turn off all distractions and focus on one task at a time.
  2. Know your goals. Start your day with just 1-2 things you want to get accomplished for your business that day.
  3. Set a start time and completion time for each task. The completion time is essential!
  4. Have a timer to keep you on track.
  5. Prioritize your tasks and do the most important money producing business tasks first and at a time you are least likely to be distracted.
  6. Know what time of day is the best for you to work on your business and schedule it in like any other appointment. It’s your appointment with your business! For some moms it’s in the morning before the rest of the household is up, or during nap times.

Your successful business is built 1 day at a time.

Success is based on the small steps you take every day. Setting your goals, and managing yourself in the time you have will help you create the success you want and deserve in your personal and professional life.

What tips on time management has helped you build your business? Share your knowledge; we would love to hear about them. As always feel free to share this post, in fact we love it when you do!

To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean

Female Entrepreneur Coaches

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