Smart Hiring and Personal Development for Business Growth

Smart Hiring and Personal Development for Business GrowthBy Donna L. Johnson

As the old year comes to an end and a new one approaches, you’re probably bombarded with messages pertaining to goal setting. How to do it, why you should do it, and the consequences of not doing it. I’ve written about such things in the past, but then decided it was best for me to focus on three words and develop an action plan around those words.

I can’t begin to tell you how much easier my entrepreneurial life has been as a result, as well as the progress I’ve made. Having said that, I will also admit there’s still much work to be done on my part.

In 2013, I’m taking it a step further. I’m resolving to hire the right people.

Often times when coaches and business strategists talk about hiring, they’re speaking from the perspective of having the entrepreneur outsource tasks and projects. This isn’t the kind of hired help I’m referring to.

There’s a certain level of success I want to reach. I’ve come to realize I’ll never get there relying solely on my talents and abilities. It’s time for the coach to get coached. I hired someone to help me in the very areas in which others ask me to assist them.

Too much of my time is being spent working in my business instead of working on my business. Have you heard that before? This cycle will never elevate me and it’s time to break it.

When I had the initial consultation with my new coach, she gave me valuable advice – mind you, this call was free. She suggested I go away and have personal development time alone with myself. This is something I was planning to do already. I was going to sneak off and work on producing content. Yes… I was going into hibernation to do more work in my business. Wrong, wrong, wrong. My coach quickly got me on the right track by telling me that this time should be spent strategizing and taking action that would lead to business growth.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this past year is how critical it is to narrow your focus. Even when we think we’ve done so, all it takes is someone from the outside looking in – especially someone who’s been down that same road – to let us know we could use a little fine tuning.

What new thing will you be doing in the new year and beyond to ensure business growth?

Donna L. Johnson, is The Unemployed Entrepreneur® and has been blogging for The Work at Home Woman since January 2010. Summary of professional experience: 15 jobs by the age of 22. Her written word hustle is a mix of business street smarts, lifestyle, and controversy. She takes a stand on things she’s passionate about without being afraid of backlash. When Donna isn’t writing, speaking, and reading, she visualizes being on the set of her dream job as a TV talk show host. She blogs about her latest steals and deals at

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