Social Media and Why It’s a Must for Your Business

Social Media and Why It’s a Must for Your Business - The Work at Home WomanBy Danielle Buffardi

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your company in terms of getting the word out on how it can help others. When it comes to what your plans will be regarding advertising, it’s very hard to visualize a plan that doesn’t include using some kind of social media to utilize its advantages on getting the word out about your product and what your company is about.

Facebook has seen incredible growth in the last year by businesses hoping to get the word out about their products. Small businesses as well as bigger ones are devoting more time and energy into Facebook and social media sites regarding the advertising they’re doing for their company. Some are hiring workers strictly to stay devoted to social networking, trying new advertising strategies while staying true to the originals that put their business on the map in the first place.

YouTube has also grown significantly within the past couple of years. This jump in video appeal has led many bloggers, in whatever area of specialty, to add ‘podcasts’ to their list of ideas. I know many bloggers who do video podcasts a lot more now than they ever did before. It allows for the audience to feel more intimately connected to their ‘web friend’. You can see mannerisms and facial expressions in videos that you could never get from reading a blog. Seeing that vlogs are starting to gain in popularity has some companies scrambling to create their own mix of blog posts and video marketing to entice would-be customers to swing their way.

Email marketing is still a huge success for companies even in today’s almost web-exclusive world. Allowing people who visit your site to sign up for a daily, weekly, even a monthly newsletter keeping them in the loop as to what’s going on within your business is also a great way to offer discounts to your subscribers and keep your company in the limelight.

Consumers want their information now, and searching the web gives a possible customer that flexibility right at their fingertips. They can type in a few keywords and have a plethora of information to choose from, they can research you and your business with a few finger taps, and they can also choose your competitor if he gets higher ratings in the search results. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the trending social media sites as well as traditional methods of advertising and marketing to keep your company and its product in the front of today’s competitive market.

Therefore, it’s important that you allow for your company to have the advantage of social media and to utilize its role within your business plan. Keep your product and its image in the forefront of consumers minds and you just may exceed your competitors’ reach when it comes to roping in new customers.

Danielle Buffardi is an award-winning freelance blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant, and social media manager specializing in the areas of small business, virtual companies, family, pregnancy, and entrepreneurship. To learn more about Danielle and the services she offers, please visit her on the web at

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