Social Media Marketing – Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media Marketing – Mistakes to AvoidBy Charles Mburugu

Nowadays, many business owners are using social media sites as an important element of their overall marketing strategy. Most businesses have a Twitter account, Facebook page, or a Google+ account, among many other social media profiles.

However, having social media accounts is not sufficient. You need to ensure that you make good use of them. The following are a few of the blunders people make when using social media to market their business.

1. Failing to make use of newer, smaller social networks

Any social network can be useful to your business, even if it doesn’t have as many users as the leading networks. There are several reasons why it is advantageous to promote your business on such little known networks:

  • Less competition – The big names in your industry are not likely to take time to market their brands in new social networks. In addition, there is a possibility that your competition might not even be aware of these new social networks. Since there is little competition, your marketing campaign is likely to stand out, thus enhancing your sales. Besides, you might even get the rare chance of monopolizing your audience for a season!
  • Opportunity to pioneer – When a new social network is starting out, many businesses are not likely to take it seriously. This is your chance to become a pioneer. By the time they realize that it is a viable marketing tool and start figuring out how to use it, you will already have mastered how to use the new social network for business. This will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

2. Expecting similar results across all networks

All social networks cannot deliver the same results since each of them targets a different demographic of people. For instance, LinkedIn targets businesses and professionals, with most users aged over 34. On the other hand, most Facebook users are college-going students between the ages of 18 to 25. As for Twitter, most of the users range between 26 and 34 years of age.

Therefore, if you are marketing to professionals, a Facebook campaign is not likely to be very effective. Similarly, if you are targeting college students, it wouldn’t be advisable to market on LinkedIn. Get to know your target audience well and find out which social networks where they visit frequently.

3. Posting in a similar way in all your accounts

Nowadays, many people are linking together their Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts. This way, a single update will automatically appear in all these social networks. However, the problem with this approach is that what is effective in one social network might not be effective in another. For instance, updates on Twitter cannot exceed 140 characters, which might not be sufficient to interact effectively with your audience on Google+ or Facebook. Therefore, you need to take time to find out what kind of updates work best with each social network.

Charles Mburugu writes about topics such as social media and SEO. He is currently writing for a web design company.

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