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Kaeser & Blair Biz OppFamily-owned company seeks independent dealers who want to make extra money working from home.

Did you receive a free diaper bag at the hospital with the name of a baby products company on it? Or maybe you were given an ink pen by your insurance agent with his logo on it? Do you have a keychain with the name of your bank or beverage can koozi with the name of your realtor on it? Maybe you own a souvenir coffee mug with the name of your favorite vacation destination? What about a water bottle with your child’s sports team name printed on it?

These are all examples of promotional advertising products that independent authorized dealers can sell when they start a home business with Kaeser & Blair, Inc.

A Midwestern company with national reach

In business over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair is a highly respected, national distributor for promotional advertising specialty products and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Promotional products are an appealing form of advertising used by nearly every type of business and organization, where a marketing message is delivered on a useful item. The advertising message is targeted to the right audience and the recipient is reminded of the advertiser every time they use that item.

Featuring thousands of products – Kaeser & Blair has virtually anything you can think of that someone might want to print or engrave a logo or personalized message. Popular items include all the items mentioned above plus an endless selection of other items such as tote bags, apparel, hats, umbrellas, desk accessories, corporate gift ideas and scores of other fun things.

Seeking entrepreneurial parents who want to start a home business

Kaeser & Blair’s independent dealers are frequently parents who left the traditional workplace to raise a family and want to find ways to make extra money working from home.

“Don’t miss out on the stuff in life that matters to you with children and family.” — Sally Anderson, Kaeser & Blair Dealer

You decide: make it a part time or full time business opportunity

With no home parties to host or quotas to meet, Kaeser & Blair dealers sell to small, medium and large businesses in their community, as well as school groups, civic organizations, event organizers, nonprofit groups, sports leagues, event and wedding planners – the list of potential customers is endless, and so is the potential to earn.

It is a flexible opportunity to control their own schedule, and work wherever they want, part-time or full-time, on their own terms.

Sell shovels to those mining for gold

During the 1849 California Gold Rush, those who really struck it rich digging for gold were few. The ones who made the real money were the ones who “sold shovels.” They provided access to necessities such as food, clothing, tools and supplies to fortune-seeking miners. Do you own a pair of Levi’s jeans? Did you know that Levi Strausse established his company selling those blue jeans to the gold rushers?

Kaeser & Blair dealers are positioned to do much the same thing. By providing businesses with creative ideas and products, they supply valuable tools to help businesses “find gold” – whatever that translates to for each individual business. The right promotional product can create awareness and ultimately attract new customers. These products help people communicate with their customers, vendors, employees, members and others in a way that is meaningful, memorable and impactful. Kaeser & Blair dealers make a difference for their clients by helping them accomplish their marketing goals – ultimately helping them “strike gold!”

Kaeser & Blair Biz OppBe in business for yourself, not by yourself

Every Kaeser & Blair Authorized Dealer has unlimited access to a skilled and knowledgeable team of Dealer Support Representatives.

Our Dealer Support team is constantly available to your dealership and will proactively work with you to support your business’s needs. They can provide industry insight, product suggestions and assistance with manufacturers and orders.

There is no inventory that needs to be bought or kept. Kaeser & Blair takes care of all that.

We handle everything from credit approval and credit card processing to vendor relations, invoicing your customers, paying vendors and collections. We’re even able to assume the liability on past due accounts and all collection processes are handled professionally, courteously, and ethically.

Providing these services allows our dealers to spend more time with customers and less time worrying about the financial burdens of running a business.

The work our dealers do creates goodwill, motivates employees, encourages new customer accounts, stimulates sales, reinforces safety reminders, and helps to build brand awareness. Every business and organization is a potential user of promotional products and that is why this industry remains as one of the fastest growing today.

How can I do it?

To learn more about the Kaeser & Blair Authorized Dealer business opportunity, order a Free Welcome Kit today!

When you are ready to go for it, order your Dealer Success Kit. A nominal deposit ($85.) is fully refundable when you reach $1,500 in cumulative sales, so it’s ultimately free!  If you decide this opportunity is not for you, return the kit within 30 days and your $85 will be refunded. Starting a K&B Dealership is a truly risk-free opportunity.

The profit percentages are the best in the industry and they pay lightening fast! Earnings are paid when orders are entered – in advance of product production and delivery.

Visit Kaeser & Blair for even more information about how to start a home business today!

This post was sponsored and written by Kaeser & Blair. Please be aware that we can only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers.

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