The Art of Making a Decision

The Art of Making a DecisionBy Kelly Robbins

We make decisions every day. We decide what to wear, what to eat, which way to drive to work, and what shows to watch. Some decisions are bigger than others and granted, some decisions mean more than others. Some decisions will have an impact on the next 60 seconds of our life and some have a strong impact on the rest of our lives.

Sometimes we make a decision, say to mow the lawn today, and we make it without thinking much of it. The thought of NOT mowing the lawn doesn’t even enter our mind because we made the decision to mow it every week. If we know it might rain in the afternoon we may make an adjustment to our schedule and mow in the morning. Regardless, the mowing gets done and we don’t put much energy into either the effort of mowing or the consequences of it not getting done.

Then there are decisions we perceive as bigger in our life. Such as getting married, buying a new home, or changing our career.

Making a larger, higher impact decision, we tend to spend more time and energy on our choice. We weigh the pros and cons of our alternatives and then choose one. With this much thought you’d think we always make the right decision. Oftentimes we make a decision, we step into it, and then it doesn’t pan out. Why is this?

Because what you believe, is.

Your decision does not follow through to fruition because you are not making a conscious decision. A conscious decision starts after you’ve decided which way you are going to go. For example, let’s say you are in the process of making a decision to work from home. You weigh the pros and cons and then decide “yes, I will make money working from home. I am committed to making this change in my life”.

In fact, stating this decision is only the first part of you making this life-changing decision.

There are, in fact, three things absolutely mandatory to making a decision and achieving the desired outcome:

  1. Make a decision
  2. Be fully committed to your decision (no waffling or second guessing once the decision is made)
  3. Have a sense of urgency to make the decision a reality

When business owners make a decision to coach with me or learn to start their business they are oftentimes making a decision that is new – it may be bigger than anything they’ve done before or cost more than they’ve ever spent before. The Universe has brought them an opportunity and it involves them taking a step up. (When the universe brings you a new opportunity it is always a step up – it is never at the same level you are at.

For most of us change = step up = FEAR.

Until you get used to the feeling of being uncomfortable and until your faith strengthens (which for me came from experience and study), you may be quite terrified and doubt yourself and your ability to create what you want. That’s where understanding the steps of making a conscious decision comes in.

When you make a conscious decision you do not turn back or change your mind. You’ve decided. Changing your mind is not an option. It’s done.
You often have to focus and retrain your mind to focus on HOW YOU CAN make something happen rather than defaulting to the reasons you can’t. This takes focus and determination. Many of us default to the reasons we can’t simply because of our programming. That’s how it’s always been done. It’s a way of protecting ourselves and minimizing risk.

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich has an entire chapter on the importance of making a decision. He states, “Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million-dollar mark disclosed the fact that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly, and of changing these decisions slowly, if, and when they were changed. People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions, if at all, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often.”

Take a look at how you make decisions in your life. Have you “made a decision” to become make money working from home? Are those words coming out of your mouth or are you saying this but haven’t followed through on the commitment and sense of urgency steps (2 and 3)? It takes follow through on all three steps in order for the Universe to make manifest your decision.

Remember, your word is law. Once you say “it” it is. You, however, are the one that must enforce that energy. This may mean doing things differently than you have in the past.

Kelly Robbins, MA, is the founder of The Copywriting Institute, a training and resource center for copywriters, and A Marketing Connection, Kelly Robbins, MA, is an award winning author, copywriter, and marketing coach/consultant. Kelly created the 10K a Month Copywriter program as well as the Marketing Coaching Program for Copywriters. Kelly also publishes The Copywriting Connection a free e-zine on copywriting and business building tips. Visit to receive your free report and 1 hour audio download, “6 Things Every Copywriter MUST Know to Make High Profits in Copywriting —fast” or visit us on Facebook at

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