The Business of Bragging

Business of BraggingBy Donna L. Johnson

When I decided to market my services as a public speaker and coach, I was well aware that both of these industries were already saturated with established experts. In case you didn’t know, it can be challenging to set yourself apart in a crowded field. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop me from getting in the game.

Instead of allowing the fear of competition to overshadow your dreams, think about your unique selling proposition (USP) and use them to your advantage. What do you and your work represent? How can you provide your customers a different experience?

If you think the only places you’re supposed to share this information is at networking events, conferences, and by over-selling on social media – you’re taking the wrong approach. Every encounter you have with someone should be looked at as an opportunity to explain how you serve others and the problems you solve as a result. In order for this to be effective, you must have a clearly defined and memorable brand message.

Spend a few minutes answering these questions:

1. What words do people use to describe me/my product/my service?
2. What emotions do I/my product/my service appeal to?
3. What do I want to be known for?

From there, tell stories and illustrate the benefits of your profession. This allows potential customers to see just how enthusiastic you are and how you change lives for the better by doing the work that only you can do. Stop inundating people with facts and irrelevant statistics.

Get media exposure to gain credibility. It’s the best way to position yourself as an expert, and it’s free marketing that most boot-strapped entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on. Send pitches to your local print, TV, and radio outlets. Once you land an interview, immediately go to your social media platforms and share it with your community.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, it’s easier than ever before to spread the word about your services and successes. You can’t be shy. Take control and be direct when communicating your skills. Listen and pay attention to the voids that aren’t being filled and then step in and close the gaps.

Start right now. Each positive step forward in your business will build upon itself. The sooner you decide to take responsibility and toot your own horn, the sooner you’ll see results.

And don’t forget it’s a two-way street. When the money comes pouring in and you become a household name – reach back and give to those who helped you out along the way.

Donna L. Johnson, is The Unemployed Entrepreneur® and has been blogging for The Work at Home Woman since January 2010. Summary of professional experience: 15 jobs by the age of 22. Her written word hustle is a mix of business street smarts, lifestyle, and controversy. She takes a stand on things she’s passionate about without being afraid of backlash. When Donna isn’t writing, speaking, and reading, she visualizes being on the set of her dream job as a TV talk show host. She blogs about her latest steals and deals at

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