The Career of a Web Designer

Freelance Graphic DesignBy Victoria Heckstall

Web Design is a growing career field. While you can enter it without a college degree, having taught yourself different aspects, if you want to get a job with a big company, it will enhance your chances of getting hired. The job is ever changing and requires that you constantly be ready to learn something new. You must have a wide range of skills and keep adding to them over time, the Internet is world-wide after all, and constantly evolving.

Here are some of the different skill sets a good web designer will have.


You must be able to create web pages that are physically pleasing to the people who read them. You need to understand how to draw attention to something and how to bring the whole page together. Color, texture, animations, text and images are your materials.


Unless you plan on hiring people to write the content, you’ll need to have a good gasp of the English language, including proper spelling and grammar. While text talk may be all the rage, it will not go over on a professional website. Clear, simple, concise sentences, subheadings and bullets will have people staying on the site and reading. Long blocks of text will have them skipping to something else. Know how to keep the reader’s attention.


As a freelance web designer, you need to understand your target audience and what they are looking for. Figure out how they will search for your website and how to attract their attention. Part of your job may entail writing short articles or blog pieces on other websites to generate traffic to your site. Here are some more ways to market your home-based business.

Graphic Arts

Every website needs images. Part of your job will be to find or create the images and get them onto the site in a pleasing way. The images could be photographs or computer generated. The more skill you have in this area the better. No one wants a website of all text, pictures are important.

Computer Programming

You need to know how to make things work on the website. Even for the text, you need to be able to us HTML and JavaScript at a minimum. Understanding what servers can use which language and protocols will be important. If the server cannot use what you have created you will need to start all over. Ideally, you will be constantly learning new languages and programs to keep up with the changes of the Internet. As more devices start to get online, more programming will be required.

If you enjoy computers and the Internet, freelance web design could be a good career for you. The work atmosphere is comfortable as you can work in an office or quite possibly do freelance work from home. The only real stress is when you have a deadline and something goes wrong. Keeping deadlines is one of the biggest ways you will keep a good reputation. As long as you are realistic in your goals and work steadily toward them, there should be no problem.

Victoria Heckstall is a freelance writer who has recently taken an interest in web design. Currently, however, she uses Site2You.

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