The Entrepreneurial Honeymoon’s Over… Dealing with the Business Blues

Business BluesBy Trish Morrison

I want to get something off my chest. You might not want to hear it but I’m going to say it anyway.

Running your own business sucks.

Whew. There. I said it. What a relief.

Not inspirational enough for you? Too harsh? Too whiney? Thinking about starting your business and not what you want to hear? I get that. I do. I was there once. Not long ago I too was in the beginning stages of reworking my work life, starting out on my own, working for myself, living the self-employed dream. It was exciting, hopeful, thrilling. The sky was the limit. People loved the idea. Everything was butterflies and roses.

Forward two years into my business and I’m holding steady at breaking even. I found out from other entrepreneurs when I went to the Inc. Leadership Conference last spring that I’m actually doing well. Most of them lost money or didn’t get their idea off the ground for an average of eight years. That is a LONG time. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around it. How did they survive?

The past two years have been hard and trying and frustrating. I’ve had to make some difficult choices and I found out relatively quickly that when you start a business, like any new relationship, the honeymoon has to end. Reality eventually catches up with you and inevitably, something is going to suffer. Your ego and your wallet will take a beating. Almost everything is more difficult and time consuming than you could have ever imagined.

So why do I do it? Why do I keep trying? Why do most entrepreneurs keep going when everything seems so, well… sucky?

My only answer is passion. The passion that made you fall in love with the idea is the same passion that will keep you going when everything is falling apart. The passion to do better, to be better, to want more. Just as in any lasting relationship, the passion will wane and return again. It will let you down and it will suffer from financial and emotional bruising. But if it’s real and if you are sincere, your passion returns.

In the mean time use the following tips for getting motivated and finding inspiration.

What tips do you have for beating the business blues?

Trish Morrison, MBA is the founder and CEO of MomCom® Life, an organization dedicated to creating community and encouraging moms to take that next step. Trish is addicted to women’s stories and believes we can change the world through telling ours. She lives in Austin, Texas with her hot firefighter husband, Homero and her brilliant daughter Delilah. Trish is a proud feminist who can be found online at or on Twitter @atxtrish and @momcomaustin. MomUP!®

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