The Pros and Cons of Covering Hot Topics

The Pros and Cons of Covering Hot TopicsBy Donna L. Johnson

No matter what your niche, I’m sure something astounding and/or controversial comes up from time to time. New government regulations that impact how you do business, the CEO of an industry you’re affiliated with is under investigation, or perhaps the product you stand behind as a direct sales representative debuts on the red carpet.

All of these topics are worthy of whipping out your laptop in hopes of being the first to share your opinions, right? Not so fast. You may want to think twice before rushing to type up that juicy piece.

I participated in a Twitter chat recently and this was part of the discussion. When is it okay to make a mad dash to publish a post that’s generating tons of buzz? When should you exercise judgment and hit the brakes?

The risk you take, regardless of your decision, boils down to this: your content may only be relevant for the moment. Once the dust settles and the world has moved on to the next headline, how valuable will what you’ve written be at that point?

As a fashion blogger, I’ve decided to steer clear of writing about attention-getting pop culture brouhaha. Why? It’s already being done. By people with more insight and better positioning than I have. Adding my two cents would do more harm than good.

Hopping into bed with a topic simply because it’s hot isn’t the way to go. Your lack of expertise on the subject matter will be evident.

So how can you stay current without jeopardizing the integrity of your brand? Find an angle that ties in with your message and then link to reliable sources where your readers can get the details and specifics. Keep writing in-depth about things in which you have the most knowledge and first-hand experience.

When you take a close look at blogging, it can be perceived as a fad-driven industry. Think about all the articles you see pop up as a result of changes and trends in social media. Google Author is supposedly the “next big thing” to help with SEO. In the handful of posts I’ve read, the writers have stated in some shape, form or fashion, “I don’t know much about it but….”. Well why are you trying to emerge as the expert?

Do your readers and yourself a favor. Stick to what you know. Study it inside and out. Stay ahead of the curve and keep a close eye on innovation in your field. That’s the reason we’re coming to your blog in the first place. Do your part to keep us coming back.

Donna L. Johnson, is The Unemployed Entrepreneur® and has been blogging for The Work at Home Woman since January 2010. Summary of professional experience: 15 jobs by the age of 22. Her written word hustle is a mix of business street smarts, lifestyle, and controversy. She takes a stand on things she’s passionate about without being afraid of backlash. When Donna isn’t writing, speaking, and reading, she visualizes being on the set of her dream job as a TV talk show host. She blogs about her latest steals and deals at

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