The Secret to Achievement is in the Follow-Through

The Secret to Achievement is in the Follow-ThroughBy Kelly Robbins

Starting new things and taking on new endeavors is an integral part of growth and change for every work-at-home woman. A strength of successful entrepreneurs is the constant stream of ideas!

While it’s often easy to start a new project or enroll in a course, it’s not as easy to take it to completion. The hard truth is the line that differentiates the successful business owners from those that shut their doors is making a decision and following through on that decision completely. Finishing what you start is an important part of anything you do and the effects (of completing or not completing) reverberate throughout all aspects of your life – particularly how much money you make.

It’s natural that blocks will come in your path when embarking on a challenging project – after all by finishing the project, course or book you’re writing you are sure to be a different person afterwards. What you are not conscious of is the part of you that does not want to change, a part that is comfortable with you the way things are now. That part of you has sneaky ways of getting you to stay exactly where you are now and not finish something you stepped into.

There are many reasons you might not finish something you started including:

  • You are stuck and don’t know what to do next.
  • Life gets in the way. The kids get sick, our parents need assistance, our job is busy and this course or project can be put on hold.
  • Something more glittery and enticing comes along and distracts you.
  • The excitement has worn off and it becomes more work than initially thought.

You start a new project with enthusiasm and excitement, not the intention you aren’t going to finish. However, somewhere along the way your mind starts to rationalize a million reasons why you shouldn’t finish or why you should take a detour from your chosen path.

I see my coaching clients do this all the time. Life gets in the way of finishing a course – like their basement floods or their daughter gets the flu and derails the momentum. Getting derailed seems like the logical and natural thing to do at the time. In other instances more enticing or glittery things come along that distracts people, such as another course or a new coach….

Not following through happens in all aspects of life and what is the ultimate result? You don’t accomplish your goal. A year or two later you look back and are in exactly the same place you were when you started.

What should you do if you find yourself caught in a pattern of starting and not finishing? 

First, be sure what you are about to do is really what you want to do. It’s important that you only take on a new project or learn a new skill if it is something you are committed to doing. Then be aware of who appears in your life to assist with these growth opportunities. I believe certain people appear in your life for a reason (and I believe in trusting in this opportunity when they do appear). 

It’s natural that obstacles will appear to block your goal of completing that agreement. But you must work through the energy blocking you. Don’t listen to the excuses and chatter going on inside your head. Remember that you started this project for a reason – finish it. I believe spiritual and emotional growth coincides with mental and physical growth. Sometimes you’ll find a strong desire to take a break between classes, projects or new endeavors, but usually you have to fight through the energy that comes up to block your path.

Are you procrastinating or stuck on a project and don’t know what to do?

Here are 5 tips for avoiding the failing to follow-through syndrome:

1. Break the project into small chunks, such as writing a specific number of words a day or a working during a predetermined time slot.

2. Work on one part of the project at a time.

3. Make a commitment and don’t break it. Every night before bed, every other Saturday at noon, etc.

4. Try looking at the project differently. Take a different person’s perspective or simple ask someone else their opinion or how they see the scenario.

5. Don’t multi-task.

Every day we go through life making promises and commitments to others and most importantly to ourselves. It may be that no one but you knows about the project you didn’t complete and you rationalize that there’s really no harm done. Unless you want to stay in exactly the same place you are now you must do something different, fight through the blocks and finish what you started.


Founder of The Copywriting Institute, a training and resource center for copywriters, Kelly Robbins, MA, is an award winning author, copywriter, and marketing coach/consultant. Kelly also holds a position on the Advisory Council for The DaVinci Institute’s newest program, Empire of One, helping aspiring business owners shift their lives from employee to entrepreneur. Kelly shares this space with several world-renowned entrepreneurs such as Julie Aigner Clark, Founder of The Baby Einstein Company and Dave Thomas, author of 24 books and serial entrepreneur. Kelly also created the 10K a Month Copywriter program as well as the Marketing Coaching Program for Copywriters. Visit to receive free e-zine on copywriting and business building tips as well as a free report and 1 hour audio download, “6 Things Every Copywriter MUST Know to Make High Profits in Copywriting —fast” or visit us on Facebook at

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