Three Critical Rules to Follow When Applying for a WAH Job

Three Critical Rules to Follow When Applying for a WAH Job By Miranda Grimm

So you want to apply for a work at home job? Great! Work at home jobs can prove to be great opportunities to make money with the flexibility of working from your living room  (or bedroom, kitchen, patio or wherever). Whether you have small children at home, work another job and are looking for some part-time work, or just don’t like the idea of an 8-5 job every day, working at home may just be the right option for you. However, just like any job, there are certain rules that you need to abide by when applying for WAH jobs.

1. Read And Follow

Read the requirements and application instructions not once, but twice (three times if needed) and follow them precisely. Is this an obvious step? You would think so, but many times applicants simply do not follow the directions on applications. Perhaps it is because they apply for multiple jobs at the same time or maybe they just rush through the application because they want to check it off their to-do list. Who knows all the reasons, but the point is, read carefully and follow the directions to a T! Some employers will only ask for a resume, while others may ask for more. If an employer asks for samples of your work, then provide your best ones. If they ask you to take a skill test as a part of the application, then take it. Many employers won’t even consider the applicants who did not follow directions, so make sure that you follow them all no matter what they are.

2. Do Not Call (unless otherwise stated)

Generally, after you apply for a job, you wait a week (or maybe just a few days) and then what do you do? You call the employer to check on “the status of your application,” right? While this is a general practice with most jobs, when applying for WAH jobs, don’t call or contact the company. “Why?” You ask. Because any given company could receive hundreds and hundreds of applicants. Trust me, they will thoroughly sort through the applications on their time and will contact you if they are interested in you. The only exception to this rule is if the application says to contact the company after a certain amount of time. If that’s the case, then by all means call away!

3. Treat Each Application with Your Utmost Value

A huge mistake, when applying for WAH jobs, is to generalize each job application so that all the applications you fill out look exactly the same. This especially goes for cover letter. While it is helpful to have a “general” cover letter saved on your computer, you must customize your cover letter for each job. Make your cover letter and application specific to the job in which you are applying. Use key words in your cover letter that are in the job description. Your goal is to make the company you are applying for feel like this is the only job you want. They are important and you should make them feel that way. This type of attitude will ensure you a job.

By following these three rules, you are sure to land a fabulous WAH job, probably even more than one.

Do you have any other tips when applying for WAH jobs?

Miranda Grimm is a Work at Home Mother of two. She is attending Indiana University Online where she is working toward her degree in Technical and Professional Writing. She is most known for her website, WAH Adventures where she offers reviews of home based jobs and companies.

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