Tips for Building Trust in an Ecommerce Store

Tips for Building Trust in an Ecommerce StoreBy Zubin Kutar

The success of any ecommerce business will be determined by the level of trust customers have in your business. The following are some tips that will help raise trust in your ecommerce site, thus enhancing your chances of making sales:

1. Provide comprehensive product information

When a customer visits your ecommerce site, their decision to buy a product will be influenced by the amount of information available. Since the product is not tangible, your responsibility is to describe the product as elaborately as possible. For instance, if an electronic product comes without some accessories, you need to make it clear upfront. If a particular shoe size is not available, let the customer know before they place an order. If the information provided is not complete, customers will lose confidence in your business and might opt to shop elsewhere.

2. Reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are very important for winning the trust of prospective customers. Get in touch with people who have bought your products in the past and encourage them to submit a recommendation. Make sure your reviews contain detailed information about a particular product. However, avoid the temptation of posting fake testimonials on your site, even if customers have nothing positive to say about a product. Trying to deceive your prospects will only end up ruining the reputation of your business.

3. Keep them updated on their purchase

Make sure customers are aware of what they have bought at every point of the checkout process. They are more likely to complete the purchase when they can see product specifics such as size and color, as well as the cost of the item. Remember to make provision for customers to alter quantities at the checkout. In case they mistakenly add too many items to the shopping cart, you need to make it easy for them to get rid of any unnecessary items.

4. Display trust marks

When you sell products online, establishing customer trust is very important. This is especially due to the fact that they are exposing their credit card and other personal details. You need to find a way of assuring them that their details are safe on your site. Display logos of trusted accreditation bodies such as BBB on your site. Remember to also display security statements such as PayPal and an SSL certificate. This will increase customers’ chances of doing business with you.

5. Outline your personal data regulations

If you plan to collect information from customers, you need to mention what exactly you plan to do with it. Before you share the information with anyone else, make sure you have the customer’s approval. Being transparent in this way with customers will enable you to win their trust. However, withholding information about how personal details will be used will give customers a negative impression of your business.

6. Mention your return policy

In case items don’t fit or are faulty, customers need to know what your return policy is. If return is not allowed for particular items, you need to make this clear as well. Make sure these details are available to prospects before they buy anything from your store.

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