Top 5 Bizarre Resumes That Might Actually Be a Hit

Top 5 Bizarre Resumes That Might Actually Be a Hit By Cara Aley

Trying to get the attention of a potential employer? Some would argue that the best way to do this is to have a wholly original resume that will stand out (even in strange ways) from the others.

Here, we’ll highlight five weird and bizarre resumes that might have actually gotten their owners noticed, and then hired.

This guy rented a billboard.  You could, too.

For something in the neighborhood of $300, depending on the location, you too can rent a billboard and put your face and web address on it, saying ‘Hire Me!’- you might get a marketing position within 24 hours like Bennett Olson of Bloomington, MN. This clever young man followed an idea he saw in the movie I Love You Man, and the idea clearly paid off.

Infographic Resume.

This is amazing and extremely clever, and actually won this man business in creating infographic resumes for others, which consequently got one his dream job. By creating a design that looks like a massive infographic you might see in a magazine, on someone’s website, or in a PowerPoint presentation, this man is able to present useful information about himself in an eye-catching manner.

He even weaves in his life story about why he lived in China, then Boston (where he broke up with his girlfriend and then moved to Costa Rica), Baltimore, NY, Peru…the list goes on. The creative, image-filled display and autobiographical approach that includes “Praise” or quotes from impressive folks is truly compelling and original.

Just kinda cute.

This young guy writes that his skills are, “Calm bartering, an uncanny ability to make people laugh, can lift 80 lbs barbells,” and cites that one of his awards in the fall semester of college in 2004 was “Mr. Country Western Fashion.”

His objective is the best: “To ascertain a highly fulfilling level of happiness and to dominate competition on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. I want to be the best at everything I do, whether it be to get you a Starbucks coffee or to negotiate a multi-billion dollar merger between international juggernauts.” For that alone, you would probably hire him for a customer service role. Especially because he is only looking for a salary of “$37,000 or higher (This is slightly negotiable depending on size of publication).” template.

This guy built an online resume that looks and functions exactly like an product page. It’s pretty impressive how the resume owner utilizes the Product Details section to describe himself. For example:

Product Dimensions: Height: 186 cm

Shipping: This item is available for shipping anywhere in the world
Average Customer Review (he shows 5 stars and links to ‘5 previous positions’)

Well played!’s honest.

This guy is just plain straightforward and hilarious, with his objective stating, “To claw my way to the top using any means necessary…but then be a fair and just ruler, and bring your company to new heights, or whatever.”

He does cite “Cat-like reflexes – now you see me, meow you don’t,” has a “horse-like laugh” that he says is optional, and he can “moonwalk quite well.” Finally, getting to his more refined skills, he cites that he has “enough knowledge to write an essay on pretty much any subject (without researching it).” What more could an employer want?

So, whether or not you’re competent with HTML and can build a great Amazon or Google-like resume, or simply are a comeback kid, there are many different and bizarre ways to attract the attention of employers.

Don’t let your resume just eek into the fold. Try something new and different next time, bordering on the bizarre – it could do you more favors than not! And if you’re an employer, it’s a good idea to consider folks who think outside of the box about their resume. They could add a great deal of creativity to your own workplace (for better or for worse! Ha!).

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from online reputation management for to digital marketing strategy.

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