Tutoring and Teaching: Two More Options for Work at Home Women

Tutoring and Teaching Work at HomeBy Jessica Socheski

Women who want to work from home usually discover their services or products because of a special skill or passion that they already have. Etsy shop owners first loved crocheting before becoming business women. Freelance writers were serious about penning down their thoughts and ideas before first publishing their articles.

Because a home business stems from what you already know and love, work from home professionals should always be on the lookout for hobbies they enjoy or talents that they possess.

Teaching and tutoring are two prime examples of skills that can easily be transformed into successful businesses. If you love working with kids or adults and helping them gain new skills and confidence, then here are two at home careers you should consider.

Academic Tutoring

Women who have a background in education and love teaching should definitely think about becoming a tutor. Tutoring continues to grow as “a $4 billion business” that “has become a staple of the middle class, with millions of students in both public and private schools using one-on-one tutors,” reports NPR News. As parents spend mega-bucks on tutoring to help their children find increased success, retired teachers or anyone with some knowledge about education can become involved.

If you feel passionately about teaching children to read and leading them to academic achievement, then tutoring might be the perfect small business to start. Tutors can work out of their homes or even online via email and video chat. Identify what subject areas and grades you are most comfortable teaching. You can work with anyone from a second grader struggling with spelling, to a high school student preparing for the SAT exam.

Teaching Private Music Lessons

Another similar option is to begin teaching private music lessons out of your own home. Whether you played piano for a number of years or are an active violinist, your musical hobby can easily become a great way to bring in extra money every month. Music instruction is a lucrative business, especially if you work with higher income students. And what is great about music is that you can teach any age. You might have some students who are just four years old and others who are eighty.

Getting Your Name Out There

The trickiest part of almost any business is to get the ball rolling. Both tutoring and teaching require lots of word of moth networking as you try to gain visibility as a trusted instructor. Start by talking to your friends and other connections to get the word out. You may even volunteer your services for a short time so that people will begin to recommend you.

Another way to advertise is by registering with a network of teachers. Companies like TakeLessons will help someone who wants to teach guitar lessons in San Diego to connect with guitar students in the area. This kind of group marketing might be a benefit to you so that you can get down to the part that you love—teaching. Other ways to do simple and free advertising are posting a Craigslist ad and creating a Facebook page for your business. Becoming a private instructor creates a fantastic outlet for you to use your gifts.

Both teaching and tutoring are also wonderful ways to foster human interaction when working from home might otherwise become lonely or isolated. With these tips for identifying your talent and turning it into a successful income, you can be well on your way to starting your own home business.

Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer who is loves setting her own schedule and is passionate about helping other women find ways to work from home, too. You can connect with her on Twitter.

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