Use Meetup Groups To Fill Your Direct Sales Calendar

Use Meetup Groups To Fill Your Direct Sales CalendarBy Deb Bixler

Having a full calendar in direct sales is all about relationships …

When you use any relationship building opportunity you can to meet new people your business will thrive!

What are Meetup Groups?

These are social organizations that all agree to meet at specific times for specific things.

Some examples of meetup groups include welcoming committees, outdoors groups, and book clubs that meet over lunch.

Most are recreational but some are business related.

As a proactive sales professional, your desire to constantly find new party plan leads consumes your daily planning activities.

Don’t forget the power of these meetup groups when it comes to finding new clients.

Why not have some fun at the same time that you are meeting new people and meeting potential customers.

Welcoming Committees Are Powerful Meetup Groups

Meetup groups that welcome new members to the community are excellent ways to get party plan leads.

You can include a sampling of your product in with the welcoming basket and be sure to attach your business card as well.

Welcoming committees come in all shapes and sizes. There are committees to welcome people to new cities or towns, new neighborhoods, new jobs, new schools, and new churches. These are great ways for you to put your products and your business in front of people before your competition does.

Find the Meetup Group That Fits Your Product Line

The old saying of work smarter and not harder applies when it comes to meetup groups. Even if you are meeting up for fun or recreation you can still grow your business!

If your home party business sells make-up products, then a men’s meetup group is probably not going to help you.

When you choose your meetup groups, find the ones that would have potential customers for your products. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time with people who cannot help you build your business.

Do More Than Sell Products

When you join meetup groups, you will have plenty of chances to talk about your products to the others in the group.

Don’t forget that talking about your products and your business may stir an interest in some of the people you are talking to. Always carry business cards on you and be prepared to discuss any interest that others may have in becoming part of your organization.

Meetup groups are great for selling products and recruiting.

Get Input For Future Presentations

Is there a meetup group you are part of where you do not seem to get any sales or recruit any new sales associates? Why is that?

When you take the time to analyze the group and determine why you are not having any success with your business in that group, then you are adding valuable information to your knowledge base that can be used to improve future presentations.

Meetup groups are excellent places to grow your business by selling products and recruiting new associates.

By managing your time properly, you can make the most of the recreational groups you are part of and get the best results by meeting new people, having fun and developing friendships.

Deb Bixler retired from the corporate world in 2000 to enjoy life as an entrepreneur.  In the first 9 months as a home party direct seller she built a home business  and sales team which provided her with an income capable of replacing her corporate business salary of $80,000 per year. Deb manages the largest FREE home party plan resource center on the web.

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