Using LinkedIn to Help Your Business Grow

Using LinkedIn to Help Your Business GrowBy Danielle Buffardi

LinkedIn tends to be viewed as a more business-orientated type of social media. Whereas Facebook and Twitter are more for social connections, LinkedIn is set up so that you can showcase your business and your product in the most enticing way. Use LinkedIn to your advantage and you could just see a nice jump in business. Some ways that LinkedIn can help your business grow are as follows:

Updating Your Profile: 

Seems like a common sense task but many business set up their initial LinkedIn profile and then forget to update it consistently. Potential clients need to know why they should choose you over the competitor and keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is one easy and simple way to showcase your company’s hard work.

Update Your Status Regularly:

By updating your LinkedIn status, it registers on your friends’ feeds and thus reminds them that you and your company are being active members of the LinkedIn community. Post relevant and timely links to other websites and blogs and some of your readers might just thank you by inquiring about your services.

Post Your Resume:

One of the the reasons that LinkedIn is considered to more business friendly is its ability to allow users to post their resume in a professional manner. Some potential clients won’t even consider hiring without seeing resumes. You can eliminate this implied hump, post your current resume so that probable companies can see what an expert you are in your field.

Schedule Time Into Your Day to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile in the Forefront of the Public Eye:

A half an hour isn’t a lot of time, but it’s more than enough time to do nothing but concentrate on keeping all of your social media profiles pertinent and present. Make sure your contact information is correct so that potential clients can reach you easily should they need to inquire about services. Periodically test links to your web page to ensure everything is working smoothly. Keeping social media on your itinerary is one easy way to keep your business in the limelight of would-be customers.

Join LinkedIn Groups and Make Yourself a Part of Their ‘Answers’ Experts: 

The array of groups that LinkedIn has could almost be considered infinite, and new ones are popping up daily. Join some – join many, in fact, and include yourself in their discussions. Don’t answer or comment on questions simply to push your product, but answer or comment genuinely and potential clients will find their way to your LinkedIn business profile themselves and start taking a more in depth look at what you have to offer. And anyone who takes the time to look at your LinkedIn profile has the potential to be a new customer – that’s a good thing, remember? So schedule some time into your day to become a part of what LinkedIn has to offer, then sit back and reap the rewards.

Danielle Buffardi is an award-winning freelance blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant, and social media manager specializing in the areas of small business, virtual companies, family, pregnancy, and entrepreneurship. To learn more about Danielle and the services she offers, please visit her on the web at

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