Using the Law of Reciprocity in Direct Sales

Law of Reciprocity in Direct SalesBy Deb Bixler

Simply put, the law of reciprocity states that people who do good deeds are often rewarded by more good deeds.

When it comes to direct sales, it can be difficult to see how that would apply. You could give out lots of product and hope that it results in people actually placing orders. But that is not a very sound business practice.

Another way to look at the law of reciprocity in sales is to refer to it as having a professional attitude.

The acts of professionalism that you show towards your customers before, during and after a home party event will result in more sales and they will also result in more attendees at your next event. Remember that word of mouth is the most effective kind of advertising there is. Once you get people talking about your home sales business, you will see a lot more orders coming in.

During the Invitation Phase:

If you include the phrase “a free gift for each person who brings a friend to this event” in your invitations, then you are using the law of reciprocity. It looks like you are trying to bribe people into bringing their friends to your party. The truth is that you are offering one kind gesture in response to another.

 What you are telling people is if they go out of their way to let someone else know about your business, then you will thank them with a small gift. The gift should be something appreciated, but not expensive. Perhaps you can have promotional keychains made up and give those to people who bring guests. The point is that you are offering kindness in exchange for your guest’s hard work.

At Your Sales Demo:

When you are hosting an event, it is the little things that add up to a professional attitude. It is something as simple as a friendly greeting and a handshake when you meet a customer for the first time, or making sure that you have plenty of literature about your products on-hand for your clients. 

A considerate consultant offers refreshments to guests and encourages interaction during presentations. The end result is a feeling of inclusion that allows the customers to have an emotional interest in your products. You offer them the chance to learn a new way to improve their lives and they return the favor with sales.

After The Sales Event:

If you really want to see the law of reciprocity at work, then you need to stay vigilant after the presentation is done. Make sure that each of your guests leaves with a catalog and your business card. Make sure that all orders get to your customers in a timely manner and also be sure to take care of all orders that are placed after the party is over with the same professionalism. The result will be happy customers who start to willingly bring new guests to your presentation.

 When you utilize a professional attitude, your customers reward you with more business. This is the law of reciprocity at work and it is something you need to use to grow your business.

Deb Bixler teaches direct sales consultants how to create a consistent cash flow in their home party plan business using proven systems that work in all companies.

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