Voice Mail – Why Don’t They Call Me Back?

Voice Mail - Why Don't They Call Me Back? By Deb Bixler

Few things are more frustrating in the home business world than dealing with an answering machine to secure business.

It is difficult to come up with any guaranteed home business tips to ensure that you will get a call back from your voice mail messages but there are a few things you can do to get better results.

After you’ve left a voice mail, you have no idea if the recipient will ever actually listen to your message, let alone return your call. If the message is also a work at home person, then the possibility exists that a child or spouse will erase the message and never tell the intended recipient.

If you’ve been leaving voice mails with no results, then changing your communication strategy a little bit can help your home business in large ways.

Tips For Voice Mail Return Calls

  • Be sure you have a legitimate reason for calling them.
  • When you leave a voice mail, make sure to keep your message short and sweet, typically under a minute.
  • Say something that makes them curious enough to call you back.
  • Give your name and number verrrrryyyyyy slowly!

Many people don’t listen to long-winded voice mails, and if they do they don’t retain the information within them well.

Start your voice mail message by announcing your name and contact phone number, then leave the content of your message.

End again with your name and contact number, and ask for a call back. This way, your contact information sticks in the mind of the receiver, allowing them to call you back with ease and up your chances of your call being returned quickly.

There is nothing more frustrating when listening to a received message than not being able to understand what they are saying. Slow down, be crystal clear and talk VERY slowly when leaving the call back number.

Tip For Ignored Voice Mails

Sometimes your voice mail messages fall on deaf ears despite your best efforts.

A way to make sure that you aren’t hounding anyone by leaving numerous voice mails is to give your original voice mail message 3 days to be returned before following up with further action. After 3 days, send out an email or a written letter to the recipient letting them know that you are keeping in touch with them without pressuring them to contact you.

By doing this they can feel less guilty about not returning your original phone call. If your message needs to be returned more urgently, allow 24 hours to pass before calling again, and repeat your original message with a polite plea to be called back in a timely manner. It’s OK in this case to state in your message that time-sensitive materials or deadlines need to be addressed to create more urgency for the recipient to call you back.

The key in leaving a voice mail is in keeping it short and to the point, not leaving multiple messages unless your needs are urgent, and using other forms of communication if you have access to them.

This way, your home business doesn’t come across as pushy, and you can get in contact more easily with the people who are seemingly avoiding your messages.

Deb Bixler is a direct sales educator who teaches party plan consultants how to make more money in their home businesses.

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