What My 3 Day Juice Cleanse Taught Me About Working at Home and Business

What My 3 Day Juice Cleanse Taught Me About Working at Home and BusinessBy Holly Reisem Hanna

Over the holidays my husband, my daughter, and I all enjoyed a round of nasty cold viruses, not to mention all of the our over indulgence in sweets, beverages and excessive amounts of food. So with the New Year upon us, I thought it would be a great idea for my husband and I to cleanse our bodies and get rid of any nasty toxins we had lingering around.

I had read about all of the wonderful benefits of a juice cleanse… increased energy, improved digestion, greater clarity, a radiant complexion and even weight loss! So I signed my husband and myself up for a three day juice cleanse. I just knew that this was going to be the key to a healthy 2013.

Our juices arrived on a Friday afternoon and we started the cleanse early on Saturday morning. It consisted of drinking six pre-labeled, cold-pressed, vegetable and fruit juice blends every three hours, with only water in between. The day started off great and the juices even tasted good, and for the first few hours I felt wonderful.

Then around the third bottle of juice I started to get a headache, supposedly, this is a sign of the body detoxing. Then I drank my forth bottle of juice for the day, a spicy lemonade that consisted of 25% lemon juice, filtered water, cayenne pepper, and the smallest amount of agave nectar. This juice was hard to swallow, it was so tart. After I consumed the majority of the bottle, my headache really started to kick in, not to mention the queasy feeling that erupted in my stomach.

Luckily, my daughter took a nap that day, so I laid down with her. When I woke up my head was pounding and my stomach was grumbling. Fortunately, it was already time to consume yet another another bottle of juice. I quickly downed half of it thinking it would help my headache, but boy was I wrong. I quickly ran to the bathroom and vomited up all of the contents of my stomach, which was all liquid. This continued for about half an hour.

The remainder of the evening was spent with an ice pack on my head, in hopes that the terrible headache would go away. The day ended with my last bottle of “juice”, which was a cashew milk and going to bed at 7:30PM.

The next day I felt a little bit better… But then the juice process started all over again. Juice, creeping headache, nausea, full blown pounding headache, ice pack and going to bed early again to deal with the discomfort.

By the third day I knew I needed to add some protein to my cleanse, or I was never going to make it through the day. So I made a hard boiled egg and drank my juice. And do you know what? My headache went away. At lunch I had another juice and some tuna… feeling good. For dinner I had some chicken, veggies and juice, I felt great!

So how does this relate to working at home? Here are the lessons that I have learned through my juice cleanse, I hope they will help you on your job search or running your home-based business.

Do Your Research:

Copywriters… they get paid big bucks to write persuasive promotions, and all of the juice cleanses that I researched, had great copy touting the benefits of juice cleanses. The problem here was, I didn’t do my due diligence and research juice cleanses extensively. Had I done my homework, I would have found that there were many individuals like myself who had terrible experiences on juice cleanses and I could have saved myself a whole lot of money.

This scenario happens a lot with work at home scams, business programs and marketing systems. They sound so amazing, that we get really excited and buy into it before we have done our research. Next time this happens make sure to slow down and do your homework, make sure that it’s a good fit, before you waste your money or get scammed.

Trust Your Gut:

By the third day of my juice cleanse, I knew I needed to add some protein, so I broke the rules and added some solid food to my cleanse, which made me feel better. Had I not done so, I would have ignored my daughter’s needs all day, because I felt awful, as well as I wouldn’t have been able to work, which would have put me behind schedule.

Some may call this lack of will power, I call it knowing when to trust your gut. All too often we ignore our gut feeling and it gets us into trouble. Intuition is a natural instinct that is built in for our survival and safety. When we ignore this intuition, or gut feeling, we add stress to our lives, and we make bad decisions, which can hurt our reputation, effect us financially, amongst other negative outcomes.

There is No Quick Fix:

Of course the appeal of this juice fast is… in just three days you’ll feel better! Like growing your business, increasing your leads, finding a job or losing weight, it all takes time, dedication, and hard work – there is no quick fix! Instead of taking the shortcut, I should have sat down and created a healthy eating plan for cutting out sweets, caffeine and processed foods, while increasing my lean protein, vegetables, fruits and water intake.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s growing your social media following, or finding the perfect work at home job, it will take time, patience, and perseverance. Just remember, Rome was not built over night.

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