When One Door Closes Another One Opens — But the Hallway Sure Sucks!

When One Door Closes Another One Opens -- But the Hallway Sure Sucks! By Kelly Robbins

Whenever you step into a new phase of life; from having a baby to working from home rather than in a corporate job, there is a transition period. The transition is that period between leaving your J-O-B and actually supporting yourself in your new business. The initial bliss of having a new baby and the reality of your 85th day in a row up at 2:00am.

Behind the new door is often what we strive to create. More money. Independence. Freedom. Happiness. Family.

I strongly believe creating all of these things is your God-given birthright. However, you have to choose it and step into creating it to make it happen.

As a business coach, I help people close one door and step into another. It’s not usually easy and it takes a strong, disciplined person to keep walking down the hallway – particularly when they can’t see the next door yet.

That hallway often feels dark, scary and unknown. It’s an in-between place and it takes faith and determination to stay the course between doors and not quit.

The hallway is the space between you making the decision to leave your job and step into your own business and actually making money in the business. The hallway is the space between owning a 50k a year business and running a $150K a year business.

Sometimes we enter the hallway with intention, others times we are thrown into the hallway – like when we are laid off. Either way, most people will agree the hallway generally sucks big time.

Are you in a hallway right now? Don’t be discouraged!

Here are 5 steps to surviving the hallway and coming out victorious in creating your life on your terms:

1. Be conscious of where you are.

It’s incredibly grounding to simply take a breath and bring some peace to a place when you are in-between doors. Know that this too shall pass.

2. Set your focus on where you are going.

Keep your eyes open and be actively looking for the next door. Don’t get scared and close your eyes.

3. Take concerted and focused action.

The door does not generally fly to where you are standing and fling itself open announcing “I’m here”. Movement is a must.

4. Find out what your next steps are.

This might involve hiring a coach or getting outside help. Moving just for the sake of moving will not only quickly wear you out, but you will get nowhere fast. Set a clear direction and make purposeful steps.

5. Practice discipline, self-love, and being open.

The door you seek may look differently than you think. Be open to seeing the door when it appears.

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