When Should I Send Out My Email Newsletter… The Five-Day-Work-Week Analysis

Send Out EmailsBy Danielle Buffardi

Not everyone grasps the email marketing concept, and for good reason. There is a lot of planning and brainstorming that goes along with it. When to send out the email, hoping your subscribers will go click-happy on your links, keeping track of what gets clicked, and so on.

Deciding when to send out your email campaign is dependent upon when you feel your subscribers will benefit the most from your information. To help with that, I’ve done an analysis on the five days of the week and have taken into consideration studies that were done on each day and the marketing information associated with that particular day. Keep in mind these are loose guidelines and observations, you should adjust your company’s email marketing campaigns to what best suits your marketing and entrepreneurial needs.


People come into work on Monday with emails that have been waiting for them from the weekend. Monday usually means sorting through these emails to determine which can visit the virtual ‘trash’ can. I’d say to hold off sending any type of email campaigns on Monday due to this reason unless they’re extremely lighthearted marketing.


Tuesday’s a prime day to send out email communications. People tend to be more interested in their email at these three times: morning from 8am-9am, afternoon between 10am-11am, and after lunch anywhere between 1pm-3pm.


Wednesday is just as good as Tuesday, if not better, so send away. Wednesday is also a fine time to send off anything that should correspond to the upcoming weekend such as RSVP’s and weekend activities. According to various researchers, Wednesday is the day that people are most alert. This alertness carries over onto driving habits, work relations, emails, and general leisure activities.


We’re getting close to the end of the work week, so be conscious of what you choose to send on Thursdays. Gentle reminders are fine, but anything that requires a substantial mental engagement should be targeted to be received no later than noon on Thursday or it may get glossed over and forgotten about.


Friday means weekend to most. Therefore, Friday isn’t considered a good day to send out email campaigns. If you feel the need to send something, best to do it early in the morning between 9-11. After that, your email has high chances of either getting skimmed or trashed indefinitely.

Always keep in mind that these are simply guidelines. You can send your email marketing campaigns whenever you’d like, but I’d suggest analyzing your desired market and what you intend to push as a product. These are all important factors to consider when it comes to scheduling your email campaigning. Keep good track of your responses and click-backs and adjust your future emails accordingly. Keep in mind any holidays, school vacations, and religious celebrations as these tend to greatly impact selling stimulants.

Danielle Buffardi is an award-winning freelance blogger, freelance writer, virtual assistant, and social media manager specializing in the areas of small business, virtual companies, family, pregnancy, and entrepreneurship. To learn more about Danielle and the services she offers, please visit her on the web at www.PenPointEditorial.com.

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