Which Career Best Fits Your Personality?

Which Career Best Fits Your Personality?By Jonathan Bollag

Choosing the right career can be of the utmost importance for a variety of reasons, both professionally and personally. We often identify with our careers as much as we need our careers to support our families and ourselves financially. This identification and financial aptitude does not come easily when our occupational choice is not the right fit in regards to our personality type and our personal interests.

The Myers-Briggs Test is a proven and supported approach to solving this issue for individuals and employers alike. Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, a mother and daughter team, developed The MBTI® Assessment at a time when women were hardly respected or heard of in the field of psychology. Through incredible sustainability and perseverance Katherine and Isabel became revered and respected in the field, making the MBTI Assessment the most utilized and respected personality assessment in the world today with over 2 million assessments administered each year.

The MBTI Test contains personality preferences, and two of these preferences include Introversion and Extroversion. An Introverted Type person prefers and tends to flourish when working alone, in one on one interaction or in small groups. The Extroverted Type person prefers,and tends to flourish when working around people, in larger groups, and with more interaction with others.

When employers make the mistake of misplacing employees in less preferred areas, it can affect efficiency and company output. A manager would not want to place an Extroverted Type behind a computer to work on data entry nor an Introverted Type in a sales department. An Introvert would most likely have a very difficult time succeeding in daily sales presentations while an Extrovert would be drained fairly quickly spending hours of time by his or herself while at work. An Extrovert gains energy by interacting with others, while an Introvert needs quite time to re-energize.

An Extrovert also prefers to communicate verbally and is sociable and expressive while an Introvert prefers to communicate in writing and is more private and contained. The opposite communication preferences between an Extrovert and Introvert are of the utmost importance in regards to a career and this is the type of information every manager should have about their employees, and information all people should certainly be aware of about themselves.

Choosing a non-preferred career not only affects our job performance and a company’s bottom line, but also our emotional lives and home lives as well. Matching ourselves with the right career can bring much joy to our lives. At times we might not be aware of the fact that we are in the wrong career or the wrong surroundings for our personality type. This is why it is so important to know oneself, be aware of who we are, and what our natural preferences are as a person.

When a person is unaware that he or she is an unnatural work or personal setting it is called being “out of preference” and this can have many negative effects on an individual. When an Introvert does not have enough time to him or herself, this can lead to unusual frustration, anger, anxiety, negativity and non- productivity. The same can be said for an Extroverted person who is spending too much time alone or has been placed in a working environment or occupational department where there is not much human interaction, leading to listlessness and little output.

In closing, placing an individual in the right working environment can bear great fruit in every way, from emotional health, to financial, corporate, and occupational success. Placing individuals in the right corporate environment should not be taken lightly – you can’t place a square peg in a round hole as it just won’t fit!

Whether you are a manager searching for an employee, or an individual beginning a career search, remember to take your time and find the person or occupation that is the right fit and you will be thanking yourself for years to come!

Jonathan Bollag, president and owner of Career Assessment Site, has immersed himself in the study of career and life coaching. He excels at translating an individual’s specific interests, preferences, and needs into a rich and fulfilling work and personal life, and in providing direction for those seeking a new professional career. His fields of study have included clinical psychology, business management, and executive coaching.

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