Why Business Competition Is Good!

Business Competition is GoodBy Deb Bixler

Is business competition something that you are concerned about?

If so, this is an attitude that will hold you back.

Instead of focusing on the number of other direct selling representatives in your area, put your efforts into understanding your marketing niche, collaboration, and networking to leverage yourself above the rest of the professionals in the home business industry.

When your business has a competitive-based fear, you are always working by yourself and for yourself.

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Why are you worried? Too many home business sales consultants in your area?

Let’s think about another industry for a minute.

Are there too many convenience stores?

Some people including myself will say yes to that.

I believe there are too many convenience stores, because of what they do to the environment and urban sprawl, not because of business competition in the convenience store industry.

Think about it …

Convenience stores on every corner have created a culture that depends on mini-markets and a customer base that stops at mini-markets several times a day.

The availability of convenience stores have actually created more demand for the service.

The other thing that happens in a market that has collaboration within the industry, is that you can set your service, product, and attitude apart from the others — while still taking advantage of the culture created by the “competition” or others in your field.

When you have a business market that is widely accepted as a good thing, it allows certain above average participants to excel.

There Is NO Such Thing As Competition!

Let’s take this back to the network marketing industry. When the direct selling industry first started, the stigma was great.

Some of us were probably around and in business at that time. Everyone was fearful about the services, products and the opportunity. (You know the old “pyramid” scheme!)

Today, like the mini-market, direct sales is part of the mainstream culture.

The abundance of direct selling companies, the personalized service that the industry provides, coupled with a craving from consumers for better service, has created a culture of acceptance for network marketing.

In other words it is easier to do business because of the many network marketing companies.

When you put your attitude into branding yourself, leveraging and collaboration as opposed to competition, you will always succeed.

Network marketing and direct sales is the industry to be in now and it is the industry of the future.

The well-known economist, Paul Zane Pilzner, says that network marketing is poised to drive the next major economic powerhouse. He says that the strongest emerging industries of the future and for future growth is in wellness and network marketing.

Success In Home Business – Blow The Competition Away!

You can be successful in any home business that you are passionate about despite the competition. It is all about YOUR attitude!

Do you have a good handle on your brand?

  • You are a unique home business owner and have services of value to offer to your clients.
  • When you understand why YOU and YOUR brand (this is not about your company) is the best thing since sliced bread then you will blow the competition away!

Do you belong to a group of entrepreneurial collaborators?

  • Increased success in collaboration will happen when a group of like-minded individuals network on a regular basis to leverage the success of all of the professionals involved.
  • The group will most likely consist of individuals who could perceive each other as “competition”, yet mastermind their individual ideas freely, share lead generation systems and have no fears!
  • Networking without fear will leverage the successes of the entire group.

When you worry about competition in home business you are always alone.

Deb Bixler is a party plan trainer who teaches proven systems that work in all home businesses. Visit the Create A Cash Flow Show website.

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