Why Do You Keep Struggling?

Why Do You Keep StrugglingBy Milissa Harding

Have you ever heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results”? As human beings, we’re all creatures of habit, and it’s so easy for us to do the “insane” things over and over and wonder why we’re not moving forward. Whether we continue to repeat errors when it comes to business decisions, personal relationships, or managing our health, it can be really frustrating when we can’t seem to break free from the vicious cycle we find ourselves in.

Can you relate?

There was a time when I kept attracting people into my life that always seemed to be negative, complaining and finding something wrong with pretty much everything. I wanted to associate with positive people that were happy with their lives and who I could learn from. You know what I learned? I learned that, unless I changed who I was, I was going to continue attracting those kinds of people into my life. So… I had to start with me.

I began believing in myself more, holding myself to a higher standard, and committing to ongoing personal development. Guess what kinds of “interesting” things started taking place? Many of those low vibration friendships and connections slowly fizzled out, and I began attracting really positive, high-energy relationships into my life. For me, it was like getting rid of the stale water in a glass, just by pouring in fresh water until it was overflowing.

So, why do you keep struggling?

Many times we continue to struggle (on the outside) with the same things over and over again, because deep down, we’re experiencing a struggle on the inside. What I mean by this is that, oftentimes, there’s something on the inside that’s preventing us from experiencing the success we want on the outside. Most of the times, we’re really good at blaming outside circumstances for our struggles, but if we learn to take a look at what’s going on inside of us, we can get clear really quickly on what we need to work on to move forward.

A common inner struggle is saying that you want something, but deep inside, you really want something else.

Perhaps you say that you want to grow your business, but on the inside, you’re afraid of the new responsibilities that will come along with having a successful business. Maybe you say that you want to experience more balance in your life, but on the inside, you’re afraid that you’ll become lazy or unproductive if you’re not always “on the run”. If you have a quiet personality, you might be able to relate quite easily to having “mixed” messages, because you may not always feel confident expressing what you most want. However, when we have these mixed messages about what we want/don’t want, it becomes really confusing for us to fully commit and focus on achieving our goals and dreams. We end up struggling and struggling with the same thing over and over. We say things like, “I don’t understand. This is what I want, but it’s just not happening for me”. What’s happening, is that you’re not clear, and that inner struggle is showing up as an outer struggle… trust me, it always does.

Let’s start to get clear on what’s getting in the way for you. Take some time to reflect on the following questions this week.

1.  In what area(s) of your life are you sending mixed messages, and what are those mixed messages?

2.  How would it feel if what you said (your outer message) was a positive match for how you felt (your inner message)?

On a sheet of paper, write down what your ideal outer and inner messages would look like. Revisit these messages each morning before you start your day.

I would love to support you in bridging the gap between what you are wanting most in your business/personal life and what is actually showing up for you.  This is my specialty! There’s no need to keep struggling with the same things over and over again, when you have the proper tools and supports in place to move your forward. Contact me today to get started!

Milissa Harding is a Health and Lifestyle Coach and founder of Embrace You and Your Biz, where she teaches entrepreneurs with a quiet personality how to step into their own spotlight and shine, by fully embracing their lives and their businesses, from the inside out. To learn more, please visit www.embraceyouandyourbiz.com.

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