Working from Home Means you MUST Measure Your Time

Working from Home Means you MUST Measure Your Time By Kelly Robbins

How you do it Drastically Affects Your Income

To be effective working at home you must measure your day, your time and your goals. You must do it correctly too or you won’t make the money you want. Let me give you an example of what I mean by measuring your day, time and goals:

Two entrepreneurs have a goal of three new clients a week and they both have created a specific plan to achieve their goals. As their coach I asked them how they were doing on their goals for the week, here are the two responses I received:

  • I called ten people today.
  • I made one sale.

Which one do you think is more likely to achieve their goal of three sales this week? One is measuring the steps she takes towards achieving her goal; the other is measuring her results.

In the first response, the home-based business owner responded with how she tried. In the second response, the business owner responded with the results she received. There is a powerful difference between the two.

The first accentuates action. The second accentuates results.
The first entrepreneur was busy. The second entrepreneur made money.

The two business owners look at their business and how they run their life much differently and consequently both receive very different results.

One stops when they have “tried” what they set out to do. The goal was the effort. The second person did not stop until she achieved her goal. She didn’t measure how many calls it took to make the sale, she measured the fact that she made it. The fact is, we don’t know how hard the person that made the sale had to work to get it. It could have happened after one call or after 50. She’s not keeping track.

Success isn’t about how hard you work; it’s about what you achieve.

Another way to look at this is one entrepreneur is playing to win; the other is playing to not lose.

Playing to win vs. Playing to not lose.

People who play to win are generally comfortable taking chances, like to work quickly, and tend to be creative. People who play to not-lose tend to see tasks as responsibilities and focus on playing safe and being responsible. People that play to not-lose are more risk-adverse, they are also very thorough and carefully think things out before acting.

People that play to win tend to plan for best case scenarios, are optimistic, and generally consider a lot of alternatives.

How can you know if you are playing to win or playing to lose? Look at what you are measuring each day or week. When do you call it quits? After you’ve completed a certain number of tasks or after you’ve achieved a goal?

The take-away for you today is taking an honest look at how you measure your actions each day. Where are you stopping? Are you measuring actions or results?

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Kelly Robbins, MA

Founder of The Copywriting Institute, a training and resource center for copywriters, Kelly Robbins, MA, is an award winning author, copywriter, and marketing coach/consultant. Kelly also holds a position on the Advisory Council for The DaVinci Institute’s newest program, Empire of One, helping aspiring business owners shift their lives from employee to entrepreneur. Kelly shares this space with several world-renowned entrepreneurs such as Julie Aigner Clark, Founder of The Baby Einstein Company and Dave Thomas, author of 24 books and serial entrepreneur. Kelly also created the 10K a Month Copywriter program as well as the Marketing Coaching Program for Copywriters. Visit to receive free e-zine on copywriting and business building tips as well as a free report and 1 hour audio download, “6 Things Every Copywriter MUST Know to Make High Profits in Copywriting —fast” or visit us on Facebook at

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