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Raising kids with caring hearts is more important now than ever. In some ways it's harder than ever, however our world is now presenting us with many opportunites to nurture empathy, compassion, self-control and so many other key skills that kids need to know.


Regardless of where we each stand on issues and beliefs, empathy is a classic, timeless and proven path to character. From that place, kindness, tolerance and much more will follow. 

Join us on our journey with many of today's leading experts to increase caring hearts from birth throughout our children's journey.

Anne Leedom, Publisher

We provide expert resources on how to raise caring kids. Bullying, respect, self-control,

kindness and many more topics are discussed here. 

Our experts offer solutions, tips and resources to help you raise a caring child and

nurture their inner desire for goodness. 

Kids want to behave. We need to teach them how to behave without our ongoing guidance. 

Build your child’s conscience compass and you will enjoy your child and have a valuable

relationship that nurtures you both, enhances their communities and will contribute to a better world.


"Parents need resources in today's world to help them raise strong, caring kids. is an excellent place for parents to get the information they need to make a difference in their kids' lives everyday!. Being a contributor has been so valuable to me personally and professionally!"
– Dr. Michele Borba, Bestselling Parenting Author and Speaker


" is a wonderful collection of informative content from some of the top experts in the parenting world. Parents who discover this site will want to bookmark it because they will find them selves coming back over and over again."
~Dr. Jenn Berman, Bestselling Author and SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio Host

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