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10 Ways Being a Mom Changes You

There is absolutely no question that when we become mothers something very deep and visceral changes deep within us. The statement “You’ll understand when you have kids” really is true, isn’t it? As a mother and a clinical psychologist, I am aware of the changes that I have experienced and that hundreds of other mothers have also experienced.

Let me start with some of the basics.

1. There is this indescribable feeling of wonder that you created this other human being.

2. The intense feeling of attachment to an infant that you have just met.

3. Suddenly your body no longer belongs to just you, but to your infant as well.

4. You have to remember that you created this child with a partner and make sure not to neglect the partner.


5. You start to show photos of your kids to people who may or may not be interested, right?

There are changes that come with parenting older kids, too.

1. The intense level of protectiveness you feel that may even come with the urge to be less than kind to a child who has been less than kind to your child.

2. You are only as happy as your child is.

3. You sacrifice your money, your private time and maybe even your social life so that you can take care of your child.

4. You sometimes feel that your heart is going to burst with joy.


5. You sometimes forget that there are things to talk other than your kids.

Do you have other ideas about how being a mom has changed you? Please share!

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