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Is Online School Right for My Child?

Getting into a respected university has always demanded hard work and self-discipline in addition to a stellar high school record with the advanced coursework admissions officers seek.  However in today’s competitive world, many students are achieving all the above from a very non-traditional place….their own living room.

Five Key Benefits of Home School Programs:

1. Flexibility: Students can schedule all their assignments, tests, and studying around their life and their passions, including sports competitions, performing arts training, important family events, or other life goals. Most students are not nearly as free to pursue their interests and dreams in traditional school environments. Online high school allows them to do both: develop personal talents and earn a competitive-level education.

2. Self-paced: While students can take the same advanced placement courses and labs in math, science and other competitive areas, home school allows them to work at a pace right for them. So they are never slowed down or left behind by large group classes and therefore are subject to far less stress.

3. AP/Honors Curriculum: In quality home school programs, students find all the AP and honors classes they need. In many cases they have access to a wider choice than traditional schools offer.

4. Intensive Teacher Interaction: Rather than compete for a teacher’s attention with 30 to 40 other students, online high school provides more personalized help. Students, teachers and parents communicate regularly to ensure the student stays on track and understands the material. Teachers are as close as a call, IM, email or even in-person visit to assist with any concerns.

5. Self-Discipline and Time Management: Students often speak of these as the biggest personal strengths they gained from home school. Weekly schedule sheets and structured assignments are given, but it’s still up to students to have the self-discipline to complete them. Each has to do his or her assigned work without anyone standing over them. It’s very similar to the unstructured environment of college.

Most graduates of top-rated home school programs enjoy acceptance at the college of their choice, including top-tier universities like Columbia, Duke, Purdue, Stanford, Notre Dame, and dozens of others. Many are awarded scholarships.

Do your research to find the right home school program

Not all online high school programs are equal in quality. Make sure you do all the research first.

■       Accreditation: You’ll want a fully accredited online high school program with a competitive curriculum that’s top-notch in both academic standards and course selection.

■       Program Structure: Ensure everything is well planned from first day to graduation. This includes clear milestones for course planning and selection, class assignments, exams, group discussions, plus consistent feedback from teachers and counselors to ensure the student stays on track and progresses at a steady rate.

■       Teacher Qualifications: Check that all teachers are certified with years of teaching experience on average…preferably with a significant percentage holding Masters degrees.

■       ACT/SAT prep and college counseling: The home school program should include extensive test prep, including classes and personal tutoring. College counseling services should include help with school selection, admissions applications/essays and planning of campus visits.

It’s critical to research any online high school carefully before committing. The right one provides a rich, rewarding academic experience to help drive future college and career success.

Kaplan College Preparatory School (KCPS) offers a true college prep online high school education with a rigorous, accredited curriculum, flexible customized academic calendars, and exceptional structure including teacher-initiated outreach support, academic coaching and extensive college counseling services. Visit to learn more and hear testimonials from KCPS students, faculty and parents. To speak with a KCPS admissions advisor today, please call 866.361.5037.


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